BER5 Mindful: Activate Your Life


BER5 Mindful: Activate Your Life

Ever feel that you are a mere observer of events and the weather? Kinda like waiting for the next big thing to happen in your life. What if you could move out of Standby mode into Live mode? Or to put it another way: in any race, we need a finishing line to know when to stop running or how to pace ourselves. Every journey has a destination or a purpose. It is no fun running nor travelling always asking "Are we there yet?". Join us at Ber5 Mindfulness: Activate Your Life to find out why it matters, what it takes and how/when/where to begin.

BER5 Mindful: Activate Your Life features four speakers who are Master of Applied Positive Psychology (UPENN) alumni who will weave researched-based information into their presentations, and for the first time, a Therapeutics Arts Practioner (TAPS) from Ciiat.

Join us and be inspired ...
  • To consider the perks of MAKING A CHOICE to Activate Your Life
  • To explore PERSPECTIVE in mindfulness, and define your boundaries
  • To identify what you need to feel a SENSE of BELONGING and how to create those conditions
  • To be curious about discovering MEANING and PURPOSE in your life
  • To learn how empowering it is to TRUST self and others and how to be trustworthy
In essence, we are advocating intentional living as an option to being a passive participant in this game called LIFE.

Background of our speakers:

Sulynn Choong
She is a compelling storyteller who meshes the science of positive psychology into the art of living. From economist to management consultant to psychologist-coach and facilitator of change, Sulynn is exactly where she has always wanted to be – doing what she is great at and absolutely loves.

Sean Doyle
Mindfulness and Perspective: Mindfulness matters in both our personal and professional lives. It affects our relationships and spiritual growth, our ability to overcome, and our receptiveness to happiness, joy and meaning. Ultimately mindfulness is both a practical skill and metapractical art. In this talk, poet and lawyer John “Sean” Doyle, who has had active mindfulness practise for 40 years, will introduce novel ways to increase our awareness of the world, and demonstrate how it allows us to discern between our thoughts about the events and happenings and things of our lives, from the things themselves.
John “Sean” Doyle, Poet and author of Mud and Dreams: Essays on falling more deeply in love with life. Ask for it at your local bookstore! Or get copies here

Danny Torrance
Have you ever felt out of place, that you don’t belong, or are an “imposter?” If so, welcome to being human! Feeling a sense of belonging is one of our most basic psychological needs, yet many of us don’t know how to create it. This workshop changes that. During our time together, we will review the difference between belonging and fitting in, how positive relationships foster belonging, and what practical steps you can take to bring out your authentic self and create the conditions for belonging in any situation and environment that you’re in.

Jan Stanley
Is finding meaning in your life the secret to fulfilment? In this session, we’ll explore the four pillars of a meaningful life, and explore activities within each.

Sameeta Sparks
Sameeta has moved from being highly involved with the world of Medical Imaging from training to product development and now a certified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner from the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She was also awarded Top Leadership Talent whilst she was managing Asia Pacific region during her tenure at one of the Forbes listed companies. Sameeta knows what it is like to work with top talents, managing various stakeholders and also yes working with men! She is here to share with you her experience blended with reflective approaches that are widely used among Tappers.
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Jul 6 - Jul 10, 2020
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8:30 PM - 9:30 PM MYT
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